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Working The Late Shift

Animation is a craft, pure and simple.  There are no short cuts, hotkeys or animate button.  It’s you, your skills, and the pencil/stylus in hand.

Yes, quality tools will help you do the work but they won’t do the work for you.  You have to put in the time, a lot of time, and effort, in order to get the results you want.  It takes a lifetime to master so get in the habit of always putting your best foot forward.

Good enough is for everyone else.

You want to be great.  

It takes work.  Hard work.  And lots of it.

How bad do you want it?

Written by Esteban

Why My Marketing Plan Failed

Failing has never been an option for me. I’m one of those people. Failing has always meant embarrassment and inadequacy to me, but the challenges the Mike & Wayne campaign presented have shown me that living by this philosophy of failure is a personal and professional death wish.

I say it is a death wish because failure is the process you have to take in order to know what works for you, your idea, and your company. Being uncomfortable with failure prevents you from extending yourself further and positioning yourself in great situations.

How do you view failure? What is your personal philosophy of failure?

Each reason why this campaign fell short is multifaceted and interconnected. If one thing fails, your entire plan is skewed.

The reasons why my marketing campaign failed…

  • Lack of Research

Market research has always been a large cloud of smog in my head. It is very vast and complex, but goodness it’s important.  The big ugly monster that is market research can not be ignored. In fact, it needs to be embraced and thought of as a tool. That’s exactly what it is. Market research is a tool to understand your situation and analyze everything it encompasses. Having this understanding will set you on the best foot forward, and you will be comfortable and confident throughout the duration of the campaign.

The amount of research depends on the scale your campaign, but my biggest enlightenment throughout this journey has been to invest a serious amount of time into market research. If it’s vast, complex, and intimidating don’t spend one week on research, spend three.

  • Managing Expectations

Before I begin on this subject, I want you to know that I do believe you should over project to land somewhere you’re happy with. You know, “shoot for the moon so you’ll land on the stars”. This strategy is great to implement, but be aware of your mentality at all times. The need to perform and produce results may bog down your ability to think clearly and logically.

Furthermore, managing expectations is another example of accurate market research. Having S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, aggressive, realistic, time-bound) goals is the foundation of your campaign. Your goals are constantly being looked upon as a sense of direction. In managing expectations, I fell short because the research wasn’t there to understand our goal was not realistic. I now know to research other animation houses our size to see what results they are getting to gauge how ours will line up.

  • Approach to Publishing Content

Since this was a social media campaign, my initial thought process was to blow up our social media channels. If someone logs on to Facebook, all they should see is Echo Bridge posts. That way it is right in front of their face and they can’t ignore us. Wrong.

About half-way through the campaign, we saw that there is no engagement from our audience. The proper research wasn’t done to understand our audience and how they like to receive information. Since this realization, we have gone back to our traditional way of doing things, quality not quantity. Our engagement rates are much higher, our social media channels are less cluttered, and our audience is beginning to trust and anticipate our posts.

To conclude, social media marketing is about understanding your audience and how they like to receive information. There is no scientific approach to this, so trial and error of what exactly works for you is key. Hundreds of millions of dollars are pumped every year by large corporations; they have large social media departments with a huge reach; then there is just us. People. Doing our best and continuing to do our best.

Written by Tess.

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