Finished Our Short Film! - Some closing thoughts…

The feeling of accomplishment you get when you really step above and beyond, when you go that distance, is incredible.  Doing great work makes you feel great to know that you could push yourself to do such things.

Last night we wrapped up post production on our short film, “Mike & Wayne” and we couldn’t be any happier!

Pre-production was a total of 388 studio hours and production a total of 252 studio hours.  During the course of post production, we logged in over 82 studio hours on retakes and 56 hours in the editing room resulting in having watched our short film a total of 651 times.  There are some shots that were on the 20th revision pass.  

It’s taken 2 months and 19 days to go from a simple sketch in a sketchbook to a full animated 2 minute short film.  

We put in a lot of time (a total of 778 studio hours) and spent thousands of dollars in the process.

As simple as it may appear, it’s simple design leaves every frame wide open to mistakes and scrutiny.  There are a few hiccups that I noticed as I go through frame by frame, but we really doubled down on the quality of the short and the results speak for itself.

At the same time, you can’t help but feel a little intimidated by what the reaction will be when you share it with the world.

All those hours grinding away for such a small thing and the worries that come with it.

Will they like it?  Will it sell?  Was it worth it?

When you truly put everything you have into your work and raise that bar, people might reject you, but they’ll respect you.  

Perfection is for the most part unobtainable, but you can get pretty damn close.

Never settle for less.



There is way too much I could quote from this, that I won’t. Just watch.

Quality, not quantity, is what makes your work valuable.

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All of the gear I have isn’t worth much if I rely on it more than I rely on myself.

Mike Vardy — We Are All Workspaces — Medium (via minimalmac)

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Running An Independent Animation Studio

Operating a studio is just like any other business.  There’s a lot of moving parts that all compete for your attention.  From Legal issues to Production problems, you’ll often find yourself handling more phone calls and emails than you do actually animating. 

Here’s just some of the things I do as the owner of the studio:


  • Writing copy, articles, and press releases for our productions and blog
  • Tweeting events, promotions and activities of the studio
  • Maintaining our Facebook Page and sharing as much content as we can with our fans
  • Finding ways to continue to further our audience reach
  • Attending PR events such as speaking engagements, college portfolio reviews and answering interviews
  • Community building - creating events within the local community to promote the arts and animation and build brand awareness
  • Preparing packages for film festivals
  • Designing and coding our website (from scratch)

Business Management

  • Searching for new business for the studio
  • Reaching back to past clients to continue building relationships
  • Looking over quarterly budgets and expenses to make sure the studio is continuing to stay healthy and profitable
  • Reviewing accounts receivables and payables with our accountant to make sure everyone and everything is where they should be
  • Creating budget proposals for new business and/or studio projects
  • Reading through submitted scripts or storyboards from possible clients
  • Filling in Tax Credit forms for productions
  • Scheduling meetings and calls
  • Always looking to improve the over all way the studio operates and ensuring that everyone is comfortable and happy
  • Looking at other studios to see what our “competition” is up too
  • Reading up on management systems and ideas
  • Negotiating with vendors 
  • Handling HR duties
  • Finding ways for the studio to create more revenue
  • Creating incentive programs for the studio
  • Traveling to LA, NYC, Boston and Canada to meet with new and old clients
  • Maintaining client happiness
  • Following up on leads
  • Maintaining growth 


  • Reviewing submitted work from artists and animators
  • Developing new productions to produce in-house
  • Storyboarding and designing characters for new client projects
  • Mentoring interns and the crew
  • Reviewing submitted portfolios and demo reels from applicants
  • Animating a shot or two 
  • Doing revisions on our short film
  • Post Production Duties
  • Maintaining our server archives
  • Creating production plans, schedules and deliverables 

Studio Management

  • Collecting and sending out invoices
  • Fixing furniture and workstations
  • Paying bills and rent
  • Watering the plants
  • Washing dishes, taking out the trash, sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning up desks and making sure we have a comfy and clean place to work in

Even with help, sometimes the amount of work that you do on the day-to-day, can seem mountainous.

I’m up at 6am daily.  Hit the gym to relieve that stress and start the process all over again.

Back to work.

Written by Esteban

Working on our next #animated #shortfilm.  It’s going to be quite the #film.

Working on our next #animated #shortfilm. It’s going to be quite the #film.

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