Inner Workings - #001

Come May 2012, Echo Bridge will be a year old!  Since opening our doors, we’ve worked with a lot wonderful and talented producers, directors, studios, artists, animators and designers and worked on some really fun and exciting projects.  There’s lots to be proud of.

It’s not without its struggles and set-backs though.  We’ve had plenty, and I’m sure there’s more to come - its all part of the experience of being a small business.  

As a first time business owner, I’ve learned quite a bit and it’s by far the most educational experience I’ve ever had.  One thing is certain though:

Every project is unique.  From the people you interact with, to the challenges each project brings; no two will ever be the same.  Bring fresh ideas and perspectives, and always try to bring the level of quality up a notch.   

Anyways, that thought we’d just share what’s been brewing.  

Happy Valentines Day!



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